Sponsor Membership

Sponsors may submit an application and support directly through this page, or may remit support via check.

Sponsors reach Biomeds and Clinical Engineers in the Healthcare Technology Management profession through e-mail campaigns and our website.

We hope that sponsors will educate and inspire professional growth and development through a number of avenues such as:


  • offering discounts to members,
  • working with META to webcast and record your presentations,
  • submitting articles and tips for the profession, and
  • joining us where we hold national or local META meetings.

Though META has defined the significance of direct financial support in tiers, please contact a META Board Member or Officer to discuss other sponsorship and support opportunities.

Individuals who wish to join META may join here.

Group discounts are available to employers sign up multiple individuals at one time. For more details, click here. If your employer is unaware of these discounts, please forward on the information.