This organization shall be known as the “MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY
ASSOCIATION “, hereinafter referred to as META.


META shall not engage in commercial, sectarian, or partisan activities, nor endorse any
commercial enterprise or any candidate for public office. Neither the name of META, nor the
name of any of its members in their official capacities, shall be used in connection with a
commercial company or with partisan interest. META members and officers shall not receive
any money or gifts for any function of META other than stipends covering expenses related to
META activities. META shall not engage in collective bargaining on such matters as salaries,
wages, benefits, and working conditions.


I.C.1. Mission

The mission of META is to contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery through
development and improvement of the professionals, processes and techniques related to the
management and support of healthcare technology.

I.C.2. Goals

META is committed to:

1) Promote excellence in the management and support of healthcare technology within
healthcare organizations and related business entities, including planning, procurement,
evaluation, installation, preventive and corrective maintenance, overhaul, and replacement,
in a safe and cost-effective manner;

2) Advocate and promote the recognition of its members as vital components of the healthcare
team within the various medical and technology fields and to the public at large;

3) Represent the professional interests of its members;

4) Establish cooperative relationships with other medical and technical societies or entities;

5) Enhance the education, training, and professional experience of its members;

6) Develop methods, techniques and standards for the management and support of medical

7) Promote patient and user safety management;

8) Contribute to the education and training of clinical users, healthcare administrators, and
others involved in the application of science and technology in healthcare.


In order to fulfill it mission and reach its goals, META shall

1) Establish and keep current Bylaws to govern its operations;

META Constitution, rev 2a
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2) Establish administrative support to carry out its duties;

3) Establish work groups as necessary.

4) Establish means for its members to meet (personally or through various means of
communication) to discuss and act upon various activities, problems and advancements to
further META interests and purposes;

5) Establish a Code/ Statement of Ethics and promote ethical conduct;

6) Assist those who desire to enter the field of healthcare technology support and management.


META is created by its members and they shall retain all power. The members exercise their
power through their elected officers, none of which is allowed to act against the members or their
interests without due process. In all decisions and elections, a simple majority of votes is
sufficient, except for amendments to this Constitution (see below), provided a quorum is
reached. Quorum for each situation is specified in the Bylaws. Procedures and requirements for
elections shall be specified in the Bylaws.


The rights of any member or membership in this organization shall not be abridged because of
race, religion, age, sex, nationality, national origin, or sexual orientation.



Membership categories, qualifications, requirements for admission and promotions, and other
related matters shall be specified in the Bylaws.


II.B.1. Duties

II.B.1.a General Duties

All members shall obey the Constitution and Bylaws of META and comply with the Code of
Ethics. Members that infringe these duties shall be subject to penalties, including and up to
impeachment, decided by the Board upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.

II.B.1.b Financial Duties

All members shall pay dues as approved by the Board of Representatives. Details and
exceptions will be specified in the Bylaws.

II.B.2. Privileges

II.B.2.a Privilege to vote

The privilege of voting is reserved for members who have such right and are current with their
dues as specified in the Bylaws.

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II.B.2.b Privilege to run for and hold office

The privilege of running and holding office is reserved for members who have such right and are
current with their dues
as specified in the Bylaws.

II.B.2.c Other privileges

All members shall have the privilege to:

1) Participate in events sponsored by META.

2) Express his/her views following principles of decorum.

3) Present motions, object to any proceedings, and to contest any charges made against him/her,
observing the rules defined in the Bylaws.

4) Receive publications and mailings.

5) Review the financial records of META and a current copy of the Constitution and Bylaws
and their amendments.



III.A.1. Responsibility

1) The Board of Representatives, hereinafter called the Board, is the governing body of META
composed of representatives elected by the voting members.

2) The Board shall establish organizational policy and provide the overall guidance and
oversight, while the Executive Committee shall conduct the daily business.

3) The Board’s responsibilities are to:

a) promote cohesiveness among members;

b) guide META to fulfill its purpose and achieve its goals;

c) uphold the Constitution;

d) intervene in the Executive Committee whenever needed; and

e) take active role if requested by the members through a majority vote.

4) The Board shall have the sole power to debate and decide on all impeachments.

III.A.2. Composition

1) The Board shall be composed of ten (10) representatives elected by the voting members
every two years.

2) Fifty percent (50%) of representatives shall be replaced every other year to ensure continuity.
Except for the Board Chair and Secretary, one-half of the first elected Board will be replaced
at the end the first year. The selection of representatives to be replaced shall be made by
random drawing.

3) The Board has the right to invite individuals and groups to participate in its deliberations as
deemed necessary but without giving them the right to vote.

III.A.3. Administration

The Board shall elect a Chair and a Secretary among the representatives in order to conduct
business. The election and vacancy management procedures shall be determined in the Bylaws.

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III.A.3.a Board Chair

A Chairperson shall be elected among the Board representatives for a one-year term and allowed
to be re-elected for one more consecutive term. The Chair shall preside over all Board meetings
and shall only vote to break a tie.

III.A.3.b Board Secretary

A Secretary shall be elected among the Board members for a two-year term and allowed to be reelected for one consecutive term. The Secretary shall establish an agenda for each Board
meeting and record all meeting’s discussions and decisions. The Secretary will work with the
Executive Committee Secretary to ensure a comprehensive record keeping system.

III.A.3.c Immediate Past President

The President of META becomes the Immediate Past President of META upon completion of
his/her term of office. The Immediate Past President shall then become an ex-officio member of
the Board for 2 (two) years with no right to vote.

III.A.3.d Representative of the Executive Committee

The President of META or a member of the Executive Committee designated by the President
shall be an ex-officio member of the Board but without the right to vote.


III.B.1. Responsibility

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the routine management of META, as well as
making executive decisions and taking emergency actions whenever needed when consultation
with the Board is not possible. The Executive Committee represents META as its officers to any
external organizations.

III.B.2. Composition

The Executive Committee will be comprised of the following:

1) President

2) Vice-President

3) Secretary

4) Treasurer

Duties of individual Executive Committee members and the election process shall be defined in
the Bylaws.

III.B.3. Vacancy

1) If both President and Vice President become unavailable to fulfill their duties, the Secretary
shall take over until an election especially called for this purpose can be completed.

2) If either Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant, the President can fill the vacancy with a
member chosen by the Executive Committee with approval of the Board.

META Constitution, rev 2a
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Workgroups are formed by voting and non-voting members to address specific functions or
goals. Functions that are permanent in nature shall be addressed by Standing Workgroups, while
temporary issues are addressed by Ad-hoc Workgroups. The composition and operation of work
groups shall be defined in the Bylaws.


1) The fiscal year of META shall coincide with the calendar year, starting on January 1st and
ending on December 31st.

2) The Executive Committee is responsible for all fiscal matters.

3) Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall prepare a budget, which shall be
submitted by the Executive Committee for approval by the Board.

4) The Executive Committee shall propose dues according to the budget and seek approval by
the Board.

5) After the end of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall prepare a financial report, which shall be
submitted by the Executive Committee for approval by the Board.


1) Proposals to amend this Constitution may be initiated by any voting member in good
standing during any official general membership meeting or by obtaining written petition
support from at least ten percent (10%) of all current voting members outside of an official
general membership meeting.

2) The proposal initiated as described above shall be duly noted by the Secretary of the
Executive Committee, who shall call for second. If seconded, the proposal shall be
submitted to the Board for review.

3) Upon approval by the Board, the proposed amendment shall be forwarded to membership
vote with the recommendations and/or changes made by the Board at least 30 (thirty) days
prior to the vote.

4) If the Board rejects the proposal, written support from at least 25% of all current voting
members in good standing shall require the proposal to be forwarded as is to membership
vote at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the vote.

5) The amendment shall be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the votes cast, a quorum being


1) META may be dissolved upon the approval of 2/3 (two-thirds) of the voting members, a
quorum being fulfilled, based on a recommendation of the Board.

2) The assets of META shall never inure to the benefit of any member of META, nor shall any
assets or properties be used for the personal benefit of any member or any other person.

3) Should META dissolve, all assets and property remaining after meeting the financial
obligations of META shall be donated to a substantially similar non-profit organization
having objectives compatible with those of META.

META Constitution, rev 2a
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