What is a Biomed?

In short, we are the professionals who work behind the scenes in the healthcare system to ensure that the technology used for patient care is safe, in good repair, and properly managed. In the hospital, the BMET is the backbone of our profession, servicing equipment encompassing a wide array of technologies. Advancing from a basic BMET, one can specialize in a number of highly complex technologies such as medical imaging and clinical laboratory systems. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and independent service organizations (ISO’s) also employ biomeds as field service engineers and service depot bench technicians.

Other areas of advancement, with the requisite education and/or experience, include clinical engineering and various levels of management. Clinical engineers in particular are at the forefront of developing the education, standards and procedures used in our profession. For more information see the ACCE website.

To further answer this age-old question and help introduce people to our profession, here are some documents to help give a feel for what we’re about. Be sure to read the Biomed Career FAQ and take a look at the Job Board. Then if you want more, take a look at our photo contest pages.

Buy a BMET a Bagel – This powerpoint presentation focuses on a staple duty in most inhouse biomed programs – the morning rounds.

Biomed 101 – This presentation is provided courtesy of Steve Matowik of Yuma Regional Medical Center. It was originally produced to introduce hospital staff to the biomed department.