History of META

  • An exploratory group was created in the fall of 2002 to discuss the feasibility of bringing Biomeds together and create a single voice for the profession
  • First public meeting to outline an  organization to represent the Biomed community at the 2003 AAMI Conference
  • Fall of 2003 the name Medical Equipment and Technology Association was selected
  • First Constitution was drafted in August of 2003
  • First draft of theMETAbylaws was created in 2004
  • Profession Slogan “Servicing Technology for Life” created 2004
  • METAmeeting in Boston 2004 at the AAMI Conference
  • 2006 Professional title vote and Biomed is established as the name most accepted for our profession
  • 2006 Photo contest with over $500.00 awarded in prizes
  • End of Life database compiled and posted on theMETAwebsite for all members to access
  • Procedures library posted on the website for all members to access
  • 2008 Photo Contest with over $500.00 awarded in prizes
  • 2009 Two scholarships will be a monetary award of $500 and a copy of A Practicum for Biomedical Engineering & Management Issues Edited by Leslie R. Atles, CCE, CBET

Membership History

  • Access membership database created late 2003
  • Official member records started in January 2004
  • Access database moved toMETAwebsite early 2005
  • Paid memberships started January 2006
  • Membership data move to Wild Apricot website completed January 2009